Is ease a greatest threat to progress – Jerrard P Fero

Join The 1873 Nerd Galaxy at 12 pm CAT as they chat to Jerrard P Fero the author of Facing Resistance – A guide to divine assistance.


The book ‘Facing Resistance – A Guide to Divine Assistance’ Jerrard P. Fero teaches that resistance is necessary for assistance. The struggles you face are part of the process required to sharpen, strengthen and solidify you for the life ahead of you. You were created unique and set apart by God for a specific purpose, this means that you should never lower the definition of your life to just be about the troubles around you.

He illustriously paints a life of persistent faith through the story of the Samaritan woman and with 5 other brush strokes from men and women of the bible he teaches fundamental principles vital for your success as you journey through the process towards becoming who you were created to be. To top it all, Jerrard will take you on a path through some parts of his life in an authentic, realistic fashion. If you believe you are destined for greatness, this book is a must have as it will encourage you in your dark days and empower you for the journey ahead.

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