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Agape Wedding Boutique – You Imagine We Create

The big day finally arrived and my dress was everything I had imagined.

The idea to create Agape Wedding Boutique came out of my personal experience of trying to create my dream wedding dress. The big day finally arrived and my dress was everything I had imagined. Creating the perfect custom dress was a lot tougher than I had imagined. The process itself was enough to turn more brides into bridezillas, it comprised one cup unprofessionalism, a teaspoon of long waiting times, and a stir of unanswered calls to mention but a few ingredients.

Surprisingly this was a shared experience. Most brides I talked to experienced similar and sometimes worse experiences when creating custom dresses. I thought to myself, surely this could be done better, not only that but it could be filled with L O V E. I quit my job as an economist and set to develop a seamless custom dress creation experience, with love as its main ingredient! At Agape, we take pride in making the journey to creating your dream custom wedding dress a memorable and special one by taking care of all the difficult stuff for you. Join us as we spread the Agape love, one dress at a time.

Lutho Mbonambi, Founder has also been selected as a Top 100 Semi-finalist in the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa! “I would so appreciate your support in getting me through to the Top 25!”

You can vote me by liking the Mrs South Africa Facebook page AND THEN liking my picture🌻 Please also sms SABC3 followed by Lutho Mbonambi to 35959. SMS charges at R3/sms- free smses do not apply. You can vote as many times as you like! Please also tell/share with your friends, family and colleagues!💕

Thank you so much! My vision is to spark a new kind of flame in South Africa.

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